Why These Texas Agencies Upgraded Their Legacy Records Management Systems

March 29, 2019

 As the demand for records and information management solutions continues to grow, Infolinx enables organizations to manage hundreds of thousands of records when it has become too burdensome to do internally. 

Infolinx offers the ability to track files and boxes, automate retention schedule and disposition management, and place legal holds on records. It’s well known that failure to comply with record retention policies and laws can lead to hefty fines and loss of business assets. Currently, about 80% of organizations have formal records and information management policies in place.

In recent years, many Texas government and public sector entities have upgraded their legacy records management systems to Infolinx in the cloud, including the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC), Grand Prairie Independent School District, and Denton County, Texas.


Greater Visibility and Process Improvement

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) replaced its legacy OmniRIM system with Infolinx and have since seen vast process improvements and efficiencies. Not only could Infolinx be hosted on the cloud, it also was able to replace other systems, to consolidate key functions such as billing, space management, imaging requests, and managing physical and digital records. Their new billing system even shortened their billing process by 10 days. What ever their needs were, Michael Shea, Records Manager at TSLAC stated, “Infolinx is able to accommodate.”

Grand Prairie Independent School District (GPISD) replaced its RCAMS system in order to have a cloud-based solution that guaranteed consistent and efficient access to important records. With Infolinx, GPISD can track physical records at both the file and the box levels, offering greater visibility and scope to records from over 100 departments.

Denton County, Texas also replaced its RCAMS system with Infolinx, vastly improving their visibility into the growing county’s high volume of records. Along with advanced retention management, the County can also use Infolinx to manage available warehouse storage space. Since the County currently manages more than 1 million files, 600,000 microfilms, and about 35,000 boxes, it was also important to have responsive customer and product support for their new cloud-based system.


Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud-based products not only provide organizations with incredible storage capabilities, but also allows for secure, consistent access regardless of location. Cloud options are also attractive to IT departments in organizations that require a thin-client, browser-agnostic product.

The ability of Infolinx to adapt and evolve in this digital, cloud-based age is why public sector entities are trust Infolinx to be their records management software provider. The next phase of the digital revolution is here, and it is more essential than ever for organizations to be able to efficiently store and maintain both paper and digital records.


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