Law Firms Have an Alternative to LegalKEY

Stabilize IT Costs and Drive Efficiency by Upgrading Your Firm’s Records Management Software

With legacy software applications like LegalKEY, many law firms have not seen product upgrades or feature enhancements in years. While the product is not...

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Protect Your Organization with These Records Management Best Practices

While record retention polices and requirements have been in place for decades, the enforcement of such polices has increased exponentially in recent years. Failing to properly retain and preserve relevant records and documents can result in...

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Automating Compliance with Records Management Software

Across all industries, an effective records management system is essential to successful organizational compliance. With growing local, state, and federal regulations and increasing penalties for non-compliance, organizations are faced with...

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Key Reasons to Upgrade Your Records Management Software

Don't let legacy technology and systems hold you back.

The decision to upgrade legacy records management software can seem daunting, especially with major considerations such as budget, business continuity, and end-user adoption. However, it’s...

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Get Scalability in Your Records Management Solution Without Compromising Security

Enterprise-level management of records and information can be complex due to the increasing compliance demands facing many organizations. Today, it is vital for records and information managers to have an efficient, secure, and scalable solution...

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3 Ways Integrations Can Help Manage Physical & Electronic Records Together

As the records and information landscape shifts to an increasingly hybrid environment, managing physical and electronic records together has become a challenge for many organizations. The reality is that organizations are generating (and held...

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