Meeting Oil & Gas Compliance Challenges with Records Management Software

Oil and gas companies not only have to ensure compliance with multiple agencies in multiple jurisdictions, they also must ensure compliance across multiple disciplines. 

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Tips for Overcoming These Top Records Management Challenges

Organizations today are asking more of their records managers, as they take on additional information governance responsibilities and become increasingly integrated with enterprise-level information management policy decisions.

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4 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Records Management System

Effective records management systems ensure organizations get the most value out of its records and reduces the cost and risk associated with keeping obsolete or outdated records. Here are four ways records and information management...

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6 Must-Have Records Management Software Features


Records management software has evolved and shifted to meet the growing needs of records and information management professionals, including more features, add-ons, and integrations than ever before. While most records management software...

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Law Firms Have an Alternative to LegalKEY

Stabilize IT Costs and Drive Efficiency by Upgrading Your Firm’s Records Management Software

With legacy software applications like LegalKEY, many law firms have not seen product upgrades or feature enhancements in years. While the product is not...

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Protect Your Organization with These Records Management Best Practices

While record retention polices and requirements have been in place for decades, the enforcement of such polices has increased exponentially in recent years. Failing to properly retain and preserve relevant records and documents can result in...

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