OmniRIM Alternative and Conversion with Infolinx

October 20, 2020

Industry Challenges

  • In 2010, Archive Systems announced the acquisition of OmniRIM Solutions of Vancouver, B.C.

  • With the recent acquisition of Archive Systems by Access in 2015, many are left wondering what’s to come of the OmniRIM software product. Access has announced the end of life of the OmniRIM product in 2020. Where does that leave customers who currently have OmniRIM?

Looking for an OmniRIM Alternative that Offers a Smooth Conversion?

This is where Infolinx can help. We can be a direct replacement for OmniRIM.
Infolinx offers a cloud-based management solution that enables organizations to access, protect, and defensibly control both physical and digital documents.

Why Infolinx?

  • Prevent missing or lost records and ensure information integrity

  • Apply record retention and disposition schedules, regardless of media type

  • Create a permanent, legally defensible audit trail of records

  • Easily and securely migrate your organization’s data from legacy systems

  • Regulatory compliance: DoD 5015.2-certified, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, GDPR, and more

Infolinx provides unparalleled advanced retention and disposition management functionality. No matter how varied or complex a record in Infolinx is, it is governed according to its corporate retention policies.
Infolinx offers a comprehensive audit trail, multi-level security settings, and data connectors to connect disparate repositories (ECM and DMS) and file shares.

In addition to many decades of experience, Infolinx has experience working with clients in a variety of verticals including education, finance, government, law, utilities, pharmaceutical and healthcare. We have the trust and authority that organizations can depend on. Two clients recently converted from an OmniRIM system including Texas State Library and Archives (TSLAC) and the City of Santa Clarita.

Texas State Library and Archives (TSLAC) OmniRIM Conversion

Texas State Library and Archives (TSLAC) located in Austin, TX is responsible for managing and housing all the physical records for the state of Texas. Infolinx converted TSLAC from an OmniRIM system. As Infolinx worked with TSLAC, the developers found additional opportunities to streamline TSLAC’s record management processes, along with several other business processes. Infolinx developers worked alongside the TSLAC team to customize the software to accommodate the massive amount of both physical and electronic information stored within the archives. Infolinx consulted with TSLAC to design and implement a billing system that shortened their billing process by 10 days, a work order system for creating imaging requests, robust reporting features; and a circulation system—which had been deemed an impossible task.

As a result of this collaboration, TSLAC was able to use Infolinx to replace four different softwares. They now use Infolinx for billing, image production, class registration, and tracking boxes, microfilm, microfiche, rolled plans, and disaster recovery materiel. TSLAC has been a client since 2015.

The City of Santa Clarita, OmniRIM conversion

Located just north of Los Angeles, California, Santa Clarita is the fourth largest city in Los Angeles County, and prides itself on its environmental preservation efforts and rich history. The City of Santa Clarita selected Infolinx to replace their OmniRIM system.
Infolinx migrated the city’s data, and provided them with a new, robust records management system that included seamless integrations with ECM provider, Laserfiche, and offsite storage provider, Iron Mountain. This allowed Santa Clarita to manage records across the enterprise, regardless of media type and physical location.

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