Regulatory Information Management Systems (RIMS) - The What and Why

Regulatory Information Management Systems/Software, or RIMS, are platforms that have emerged to assist pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers in submitting products for regulatory review. As one of the most regulated...

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Electronic Batch Records in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Electronic batch records (EBR) play a crucial role in the safe manufacturing process of drugs and other pharmaceutical products. In an industry where auditability and compliance are everything, detailed, verifiable records form the backbone of...

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OmniRIM Alternative and Conversion with Infolinx

Industry Challenges

  • In 2010, Archive Systems announced the acquisition of OmniRIM Solutions of Vancouver, B.C.

  • With the recent acquisition of Archive Systems by Access in 2015, many are left wondering what’s to come of the OmniRIM...

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GLP vs. GMP vs. GxP - What's the Difference?

The pharmaceutical and medical instrumentation industries are, of course, very heavily regulated. One mistake at any stage of the process, from development to distribution, can have disastrous consequences. In fact, it was a manufacturing failure...

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Records Management for Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

In the pursuit of scientific and medical advancement, pharmaceutical companies and medical instrumentation makers are in a constant state of research and discovery. While this research is absolutely critical to the betterment of medicine and the...

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GxP Compliance for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Regulation is an unavoidable fact of life for the pharmaceutical industry. The consequences of a manufacturing or distribution error for most industries are limited and largely financial. However, for pharmaceutical manufacturers, errors can have...

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